Welcome, Jen! Our new dental hygienist

The health department has recently hired a full-time dental hygienist, Jen.

Jen grew up in Springfield, MO and has been practicing dental hygiene for over 9 years. She loves dentistry because it allows her to provide a much needed service to the community and to build personal relationships with patients. Jen loves dental hygiene more specifically because she gets to help with the prevention side. Her background is in private practice dentistry, but her passion is in community wellness. Public health is a perfect fit. Access to quality affordable healthcare is a social injustice issue in this country and she wants to be a part of the change. Jen says “I realized I could not make this happen staying in the private sector. I am happy I made the move to Lincoln County & look forward to serving this community’s dental needs.”


Jen is an avid St. Louis Blues & Cardinals fan. She loves going to the movie theatre. Jen is also a huge animal lover- with a dog & 4 cats! She enjoys Mexican food, BBQ & pizza.

Please help us welcome Jen the next time you are in our office. We are excited to have her!