Lincoln County Information

Local Ordinances

Lincoln County Health Department is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri and acts as the regulatory authority for both state and local-level laws and ordinances.  Below is a list of local ordinances that the Health Department enforces, in conjunction with the County Commission.   Click on the name of the ordinance for more information.

Lincoln County On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Ordinance

Lincoln County Office of Environmental Sanitation/Public Health Ordinance

Lincoln County Food Service Sanitation Regulations

Lincoln County Child Passenger Safety Seat Ordinance

Lincoln County Health Department Code of Ethics

Lincoln County Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Ordinance


Community Health Needs Assessment

LCHD performs a Community Health Needs Assessment on a regular basis, to help identify community health status, needs, and service gaps.  Follow the links below to recent assessments.





Board of Trustees & Meeting Minutes

LCHD is governed by a five-member volunteer Board of Trustees.  They serve four-year elected terms.  Current Trustees are:

Jim Burlison, Chair

Cyril Heintzelman, Vice-Chair

Melba Houston, Secretary

Chuck Montgomery, Treasurer

Dr. Dale Reinker, Member

Board meetings are held at noon on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the health department, and are open to the public.  Anyone wishing to place an item on the meeting agenda should contact the health department administrator, Brett Siefert, at, or may also call 636-528-6117.

This same board also serves as directors for Public Health Fund, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization associated with the Lincoln County Health Department.

Past meeting minutes

LCHD Board of Trustees meeting minutes for the previous 12 months are available below. Please call 636-528-6117 with any questions regarding these minutes.


April 24, 2019 ~ March 27, 2019 ~ February 27, 2019 ~ January 23, 2019


December 19, 2018 ~ November 28, 2018 ~ October 24, 2018 ~ September 26, 2018 ~ August 22, 2018 ~ July 25, 2018 ~ June 27, 2018 ~ May 23, 2018