Great Central ShakeOut & Earthquake Readiness

Today Lincoln County Health Department joined over 3 million people in participating in the Great Central Shakeout Earthquake Drill.

By planning and practicing your response to an earthquake (or any disaster) you are putting yourself in a better position to be able to resume a normal life afterwards.  This is why the ShakeOut is important.  It allows us an opportunity to prepare now, and increase our chances for survival. What we do now before an earthquake, will help determine what are lives are like afterwards. Some key questions to ask yourself if a major earthquake were to hit your community:  

• How would you react when the ground begins shaking?  You never know when a tremor might be the next big earthquake.

• After a disaster, who would you contact?  What actions would you take to ensure the immediate safety of yourself, your family, or those in your workplace?

• Do you have a family emergency plan?  Is your information stored in several locations (even out of state or online) so that if your residence is destroyed, you can still access it?

• Do you have an emergency supply kit?  If so, do you review its contents regularly?  Do you need to add anything to it (new prescriptions, extra clothes, etc.)

• What items in your home or workplace could be easily secured to prevent earthquake related injuries or deaths?  Things like bookshelves, water heaters, appliances, and heavy pictures are all easy candidates for earthquake mitigation measures. Earthquake mitigation can be affordable and easy to do when taken in small steps. 

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Genevieve Weseman