Care Trak Program Launches in Lincoln County

Care Trak is a system that can be used to locate lost individuals who are at high risk of wandering and becoming endangered, such as those with developmental disabilities or Alzheimer’s disease. Lincoln County residents who believe their loved ones may be eligible are encouraged to call for more information.

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Jennifer Harris
Lincoln County Cooling Centers

Daytime heat indexes may reach 105 degrees or more begining the morning of Thursday, June 27, and going through Saturday evening. People who are above age 65, have chronic health conditions, work outdoors, young children, participate in outdoor sports, and pets may be more at risk of heat-related illness. If you must be outside today, please use the following tips:
· Limit outdoor activities
· Drink plenty of water
· Avoid alcohol
· Wear light clothing
· Wear sunscreen
· Work outdoors early or very late in the day
If you need cooling please see the list of active COOLING CENTERS here:

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Molly Meyer
Traveling? Get your Passport at Lincoln County Health Department!

We are now a Passport Acceptance Facility, and can help individuals with first time passport applications, or passport renewals. We also offer passport photos on-site. Services are offered Monday: 8am - 3pm, Tuesday: 8am - 3pm, Wednesday: 8am - 3pm, Thursday: 10am - 3pm and Friday: 8am - 3pm. No appointment is necessary. Please call our office at (636)528-6117 for more information.

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