Care Trak


Care Trak is a system that can locate lost individuals who are wearing specially designed transmitter bracelets.  The system is designed for people who are at high risk of wandering and becoming endangered – such as those with developmental disabilities, or Alzheimer’s disease.  

Some of the criteria to be eligible for the program include:

  • Resident of Lincoln County
  • Medically diagnosed condition
  • History of or high risk for wandering
  • Under continuous, 24-hour supervision
  • Commitment by caregiver to daily transmitter checks and periodic battery changes
  • A one-time fee of the cost of the transmitter bracelet, as well as minor ongoing battery replacement fees are the only costs associated with participation in the program

If you are interested in learning more, or finding out if your loved one is eligible, please call (636) 528-6117 or email us at


The Care Trak program is offered in Lincoln County through the cooperative efforts of the Lincoln County Health Department and: