Frequently Asked Questions about Produce Boxes


1.                So, how does this all work?

a.       You order your size box

b.      Specify the amount of weeks you are choosing to participate (4 or 8)

c.       Each week we drop off a full box to you and you return an empty box to us


2.                Can I order if I am not associated with a business

a.       Yes, you may pick-up at the Lincoln County Health Department on Mondays, or we will work with you to set a pre-arranged location and time to meet us. Please note – if you are unable to pick up/meet and do not notify us in advance, this may result in not receiving your box that week.

b.      We are looking for host sites to be pickup locations for different areas of the county.  Please let us know if you know of a site that might be interested.


3.                If picking up at the Lincoln County Health Department, when does my order need to be picked up? 

a.       Your box must be picked up by 4:00 pm on Monday or prior arrangements need to be made.  Failure to pick up your box or make prior arrangements may result in not receiving a box that week. 

b.      You receive a 10% discount per week by picking your box up at the Health Department!


4.                How do I order my produce box?

a.       To order, please call 636-528-6117 ext. 409 or follow us on Facebook and send a message to @HarvestHauler.


5.                What is the refundable box fee?

a.       You will pay $10.00 at the beginning of the season.  At the end of your order period (4 or 8 weeks), you can receive your $10.00 refund by returning your final box to us in good condition.   

b.      If the box is damaged beyond regular wear and tear (per our discretion), you will not receive your deposit back.


6.                What if I lose my box?

a.       If your box is lost during the season, you will not receive your $10.00 deposit back. 

b.      You will be required to make a second $10.00 deposit in order to receive a replacement box and continue receiving your weekly order.


7.                Can I customize my box? 

a.       Because the boxes are dependent on seasonal availability, and we have a high volume of orders, we are unable to customize selection at this time.  However, please let us know when you place your order about any food allergies, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


8.                How many products are in each box?

a.       Large boxes will consist of roughly 7-12 different produce options with some items having multiple pieces. 

b.      Small boxes will consist of roughly 5 different produce options with some items having multiple pieces. 

c.       $5 bags will consist of only the produce found in the recipe of the week.


9.                What if I need to cancel my order one week? 

a.       We will work with you to find a time and public location to arrange pick-up or drop off to you or another person you designate.  No refunds will be made.  Please contact us if an unexpected situation arises. 


10.            Why do you need me to provide my email address and phone number for a box order?

a.       We will communicate primarily via email but if you do not check your email regularly or do not have an email account, we will reach you by phone. 

b.      Text messages may be sent out throughout the season alerting you of discounts, new produce, raffles, or upcoming promotions.  Please let us know if you do not wish to receive text alerts. 


11.            What if there is an unforeseen drought, storm, or other natural disaster and there is not enough produce to fill the boxes? 

a.       We will contact you immediately to let you know and your 8 week or 4 week order will be extended to accommodate the missed boxes. 


12.            Is your produce organic? 

a.       Our produce is not all certified organic but the farmers make an effort to use as few chemicals as possible while ensuring great looking produce. 


13.            Is your produce local? 

a.       Most of our produce is grown locally by small-scale farmers.  We are fortunate this year to be able to contract with a distributor who supplies produce not native to Missouri or not available from our local producers.  While our local farmers take precedence as far as our supply is concerned, this will allow us to offer a greater variety and consistency of produce to you, the customer. 


14.            What forms of payment are accepted?

a.      Credit Card, EBT/SNAP, or Cash